Q4 2020

Idea Conceptualization

Lendefi was ideated in an effort to solve the over-collateralization problem with the DeFi protocols of the time. Lendefi represents the answer to a simple question: “Why can’t people borrow to invest in crypto assets, like they can for traditional assets such as real estate, cars and stocks?”

Initial Fundraising

Funds were raised to start work on a permissionless and decentralized Protocol, which would enable anyone to leverage undercollateralized loans for investment in crypto assets.

Initial Contract Prototyping

Work on the architecture and initial contract prototyping began. The team was chosen and timelines were set for the completion of the Protocol.

Q1 2021

Fundraising Completion

The fundraising rounds were completed with multiple investors. The presale was conducted on the FalconPool platform.

Token launch & Initial Liquidity Provisioning

The token was launched with initial liquidity provisioning on the Uniswap AMM pool.

Ecosystem Partners Onboarding

Ecosystem partners include wallet apps, on-ramp providers, DeFi aggregators, information providers etc.

Marketing Outreach Program

Marketing outreach programs will focus on global expansion and community building exercises. These will include, but will not be limited to, conferences, ambassador programs, influencer outreach, competitions and other community-building activities, both online and offline.

Q2 2021

Third-party Integrations Begin

Third-party integrations will commence after the alpha launch. These third parties will include wallet apps, information providers and aggregators.

Liquidity Mining Program & Rewards

Liquidity mining will begin in conjunction with the mainnet launch, in order to bootstrap liquidity and reward initial Protocol users. This program is designed to give governance tokens to users so they are included within the decision-making process of the Protocol.

Fiat On-ramp/Off-ramp Integrations

Fiat on-ramp/off-ramp partners will offer fast and frictionless paths to add new users to the platform. Integrations with these platforms will make the onboarding experience seamless.


Prior to the mainnet launch, Lendefi will engage highly reputable smart contract audit companies to provide a complete audit of the Protocol. Lendefi will ensure that the security of users' funds remains the highest organizational priority. The audits are available for public viewing on the project’s GitBook (

Q3 2021

BSC Testnet Launch

The Testnet launch will include all crucial components of the Protocol. This version will be tested to resolve any bugs and identify scope for improvement within the Protocol.

Bug Bounty

The bug bounty campaign will offer generous rewards to the community for identifying Protocol improvements and bugs.

Mainnet Canary Launch

Beta launch will include all production-ready Protocol components that include the full features of the Lendefi Protocol. Stringent testing of all use cases will be performed to ensure maximum optimization, prior to the main launch.

Bug Bounty Continued

The bug bounty campaign will continue after the beta launch, to support further improvements to the Protocol.

Q4 2021

Pilot Governance Launch

A pilot DAO will be launched in order to test the mechanics of protocol governance. The DAO will initially be mandated with tasks such as marketing and will be funded by the project.

Mainnet Launch

The Lendefi Protocol will be launched in the early part of the fourth quarter, once all facets of the Protocol have been tested and passed a stringent audit. At this stage, Lendefi and its primary functions for undercollateralized loans will be available to the public.

Staking/Farm Launch

A farming feature will be launched in order to incentivize lenders to provide liquidity, as well as providing rewards for staking LDFI and LDFI/WBNB LP tokens.

Referral Program Launch

Lendefi users will be able to generate a referral link/code. By using this link/code the referrer will benefit by being rewarded with a commission based on the protocol revenues.

Q1 2022


Once liquidity pools are funded, overcollateralized borrowing will be enabled in order to expand the borrowing feature-set and produce further volume for the Protocol.

Advanced Trade Management

Advanced Trade Management will include limit orders, stoploss and take-profit to facilitate trading and secure the positions of traders.

Integrating Built-in Insurance

Lendefi will commence development efforts to implement built-in insurance. A portion of the fees collected within the Protocol will be set aside as an insurance fund. Further development will allow the growth of the insurance fund for the long-term operation of the Protocol.

Governance Launch

The governance process will launch to involve the community and token holders in the governance of the Protocol. Governance will allow voting proposals on the inclusion/removal of assets, inclusion/removal of changing collateralization ratios, updating liquidation requirements, and proposing changes and improvements to the Protocol.

Leveraged Farming

The farming feature will be upgraded in order to allow users to undertake loans to invest into farm reward pools. These loans will pose similar types of risk to leveraged trading and have the potential of liquidations subject to the price of the underlying asset being farmed.

Q2 2022

Non-Custodial Native Login

A login option will be implemented which will allow users to login without the need for browser plugins (such as Metamask) and/or smart phone wallets. Consequently, leading to greater user adoption due to ease of access.

Implement Unstoppability

Deploy the protocols off-chain technologies to a decentralized cloud and unstoppable domain. This will future proof the protocol against global regulatory changes and further decentralize the protocol.

Advanced Trade Panel

The development of an advanced trading terminal in-line with the sophistication of trading panels of tier-1 centralized crypto exchanges.

Scaling Implementation

Lendefi will commence work on scaling efforts for the growth and adoption of the Protocol. Some of the factors to be considered in the selection of scaling solutions include; security, liquidity, ease of token migration and other factors to support the ease of Protocol use.

Q3 2022


Lendefi will establish a research unit to explore areas for further growth and development of the Protocol. This will include both in-house research and/or collaborative efforts with external organizations/individuals working within the sector. Suitable budgets will be provisioned for this initiative.

Protocol Deployment On Additional Chains

Developing the Lendefi Protocol for compatibility with other chains will be based on community feedback and demand for expansion. Additional chains may include Huobi Chain and EOS, amongst others. The Protocol will implement Polkadot and leverage the benefits of interoperability during the expansion phase.
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