What are the tokenomics?

Transaction Fees

1% Transaction Fee — Given back to all token holders 1% Buy Back Fee — Used to Buy Back and Burn tokens 1% Wallet Fee — Protocol & marketing funds

Tx Fee % to Holders (1%)

The transaction fee % distributed to holders. This fee will be collected from all transactions as a percentage of the transaction token amount and reflected to current holders immediately. The fee is paid in the $LDFI.

Tx Fee % to Buyback Tokens (1%)

Hyper-deflationary mechanism.
The fee will be collected from all transactions as a percentage of the transaction token amount. Once the token contract holding exceeds 0.1% of the total supply, automated swap will be executed on a sell transaction and BNB will be added to the token contract. Once the BNB balance of the token contract exceeds 1 BNB, on a sell transaction 1% of the available BNB balance will be used to buy back and burn $LDFI tokens.

Tx Fee % Wallet (1%)

The transaction fee % sent to the Lendefi Protocol’s multi-sig wallet. These funds will be used to fund Protocol and Marketing expenses.

Excluded Addresses from Tx Fees

The following addresses have been excluded from the Tx Fee’s

Lendefi Wallets

Vesting Contract

Excluded Addresses from Rewards

Vesting Contract

LP Contract


Any address holding over 1% of the total $LDFI tokens can create proposals for Protocol changes. Those changes can then be decided upon via voting on the DAO. See the governance article for more information.


The difference between the interest rate the borrower pays and the rate the lender receives, otherwise known as the "spread", will be used to purchase $LDFI tokens from the market for the purpose of burning and rewards.

Token Burning

Through a process known as burning, $LDFI tokens will be burnt, lowering the total and circulating supply. This will increase the value of $LDFI tokens, creating further value for token holders.


A variety of rewards will be given to encourage the growth of the Protocol and the creation of value for token holders. Reward options will include Staking, Liquidity, Liquidation and Yield Farming rewards.
Token Price (will be updated soon)

Token Allocation

Initial Circulating Supply

PancakeSwap Liquidity Provisioning

250,000,000 LDFI | 100,000 BUSD (equivalent in BNB) The LP has been permanently locked via transferring the locking contract to a burn address as per the following tx:
The project has also allocated $400,000 worth of $LDFI tokens for a potential contribution towards PancakeSwap Syrup Pool.