9 June 2021
Lendefi Community Update
Lendefi’s delivery milestones are on track for our scheduled mainnet launch on Binance Smart Chain, on the 12th of July 2021. Our scheduled milestones are:
UI Design & Audit: 14 June 2021
Testnet: 28 June 2021
Mainnet: 12 July 2021
Progress remains steady and our major focus is currently on audit delivery.
Advancements have been made in the following three areas:
    User Interface Design Continued iterations of the user interface design have been made to facilitate the integration of a fully-featured margin trading experience. This is an integral aspect of the protocol’s utility and more time has been spent on this development than initially anticipated. The user interface design is now targeted for community delivery by the 14th of June.
    Protocol All of our contracts are currently being tested and tweaked ahead of next week’s Audit.
    User Interface To support the desired functionality within the protocol, the React interface is evolving in conjunction with the user interface design.
Development of the protocol remains on track to meet our previously published milestones.
Due Date
User Interface
Share User Interface design for community feedback
14 June 2021
Start the protocol audit
14 June 2021
Live platform on BSC Test-net
28 June 2021
Live platform on BSC Main-net
12 July 2021
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