2 June 2021
Lendefi Community Update
Lendefi’s protocol development continues along the roadmap towards our scheduled mainnet launch on Binance Smart Chain, on the 12th of July 2021.
In accordance with our last Community Update, it was Lendefi’s intention to release high fidelity wireframe images of the User Interface (UI) on the 31st of May, 2021.
Unfortunately, our developers Blockchain Labs Asia, have been unable to deliver the UI design images to us on time. Although Lendefi regrets the delay, delivery is beyond our control. The delay has been partially precipitated by an upgrade to the protocol’s features. These new features are intrinsic to the Solidity contracts identified in our previous Community Update. Leveraging these features will enhance the protocol’s user experience.
Blockchain Labs Asia has committed to delivering the UI design images to the Lendefi community by the 7th of May, 2021. The delay in delivering the UI design does not adversely impact the ongoing backend protocol development.
Development achievements during the last week have included:
    User Interface Design Implementation of new features within the open-source Solidity contracts have required the inclusion of additional design elements. The UI design has been upgraded to pivot from a simple token-swap, to incorporating fully featured margin trading functionalities.
    Protocol The open-source Solidity contracts have undergone a detailed review. Additional test units have been added, with contracts being deployed within a closed development environment.
    User Interface A React interface is in development to support the protocol. Because the UI design is pending, it currently does not include any branding or stylistic aspects.
The protocol’s major timeline milestones are still on track for delivery. An additional week is required for Blockchain Labs Asia to complete the UI design. This is partly due to the enhanced features required to deliver the updated user experience.
Lendefi believes the decision to enhance the user experience is in the best interests of both the protocol and community.
Due Date
User Interface
Share User Interface design for community feedback
7 June 2021
Start the protocol audit
14 June 2021
Live platform on BSC Test-net
28 June 2021
Live platform on BSC Main-net
12 July 2021
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