Introducing Lendefi Finance
Leveraged trading via secured undercollateralized loans.
The Lendefi Protocol (“Protocol”) facilitates leveraged trading through secured lending, delivering confidence within the highly volatile cryptocurrency marketplace.
Lendefi's Protocol cuts the middleman out of the lending equation and eliminates the red tape involved with lending. This removes counterparty risk between the trader and lender, creating a trustless transaction.
The lenders receives a variable interest rate secured by the liquidity within the DeFi ecosystem. For instance if the trader is not able to maintain their loan, the Protocol will ensure the lender is repaid and the trader credited with the remaining equity.
Traders can select from a variety of supported assets for leveraged trading, and borrow funds from the Protocol. Supported assets can be added and removed via Lendefi’s decentralized governance mechanism (“DAO”). The base currency for lending and borrowing is BUSD (Paxos), which undergoes regular audits and is subject to regulatory compliance.
Last modified 2mo ago
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