3 August 2021
The Lendefi Testnet Is Open!
Lendefi is proud to announce that our testnet has been made public and enrolled testers can begin testing! This is an important milestone for the Lendefi protocol and represents our transition onto the final stretch towards our mainnet launch.
We encourage our community to go and view Lendefi’s testnet here:
The launch of Lendefi’s testnet will allow us to stress test the protocol and initiate our User Acceptance Testing. The stress testing will allow Lendefi to put the protocol under pressure to identify any possible weaknesses within the codebase. Once the stress testing is complete we will be opening a Bug Bounty to reward participants for identifying weaknesses that maybe have been missed during the stress testing.
The User Acceptance Testing will allow Lendefi to gauge how well the protocol is accepted by users. This is important to ensure the greatest ease of use and ensure the protocol is universally accessible and logical for the broadest user base.
Previously, we created a form for community members to register for the testing process and we were pleased to see a strong response from within our community. To effectively manage the testnet process, Lendefi will be selecting our testers from this user base. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to allow every registrant to participate in the testnet testing. Lendefi will be contacting the first wave of testers shortly.
Testers will be supplied test tokens for use during testing along with feedback forms to return to Lendefi during the testing process. The tokens which will be utilized during the testing do not hold value but represent the same utility as authentic digital assets.
Although there are a limited number of testers who will be given access to use Lendefi’s testnet, we are expecting that these testers will share their experiences and screenshots of their testing with the Lendefi community. This will ensure the wider community remains involved and can comment and provide input during the testing process.
Lendefi’s testnet moves the protocol towards the second to last stage before our mainnet launch on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). After the testnet Lendefi will open our Bug Bounty and the next step will be our launch onto the BSC mainnet.
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