26 May 2021
Lendefi Community Update
This has been an interesting week for Lendefi and our community. Our recent announcement that we will be adopting Reef Finance’s ecosystem garnered a lot of attention for Lendefi’s protocol. As an early adopter of Reef, Lendefi believes the decentralized nature of the Reef Chain delivers an ideal platform to achieve our development and deployment goals.
Reef’s vision for a decentralized network based upon independent nodes is aligned with our vision for a lending protocol based as a DAO. As part of the alignment we will be leveraging the Reef Chain Developer Support Program for technical support, partnerships and marketing channels.
This week the Lendefi team attended the AIBC world summit in Dubai. We were successful in our goal to network and further our strategic partnerships within the DeFi arena.
Lendefi’s infrastructure development continues smoothly. The development team has been focused on two separate aspects of the technology stack. They are currently working on the interface design and the development of our Solidity contracts. We are diligently working to meet our delivery milestones and remain on track to achieve them in accordance with our previous update on the 19th of May, 2021.
The two noteworthy aspects of our protocol development this week have been:
User Interface Design Work on integration of the community-voted branding for our web app is progressing well. We are currently building this design into a Figma wireframe. Our aim is to release this as a prototype during the 4th week of this month.
Protocol Solidity Contracts Our development team has identified a new set of high-quality open-source Solidity contracts which provide powerful scaffolding upon which to build Lendefi specific features. The work over the previous week has been adapted to utilize this new toolset. Although this structure does not necessarily accelerate our time frame for protocol development, it should allow the integration of additional feature sets that were not planned for the initial release. Further details will be provided to the community as work progresses.
The Lendefi development milestones remain unchanged.
Due Date
User Interface
Share the User Interface design for feedback
31 May 2021
Start the audit of the protocol
14 June 2021
Live platform on BSC Test-net
28 June 2021
Live platform on BSC Main-net
12 July 2021
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