10 May 2021
Lendefi Community Update
Lendefi is pleased to announce that since appointing Blockchain Labs Asia as our lead developer, considerable progress has been made towards the release of our protocol onto the mainnet. As part of our ongoing approach to community inclusion, the major development milestones to date have been:
  • Lendefi’s structure and repositories on Github have been reorganised for better management and development. Some of our repositories and projects are currently private, but our intention is to make these public as we cross development milestones. Separate projects have been created using ZenHub to improve management processes.
  • The Lendefi website and bridge source-code have been moved onto Github repositories, increasing transparency for development and collaboration. As new features and content are added, these will be made accessible through our Github repository. The website and bridge repositories are currently private but will be made public in the near future.
  • Infrastructure has been migrated to Kubernetes, for ease of management via “infrastructure as code” to deliver improved reliability. The infrastructure code is now public on Github.
  • Lendefi’s web hosting has been moved to Cloudflare Pages for best-in-class availability and performance. Cloudflare offers Github integration and features utilization of Cloudflare’s edge, which is scalable and secure, whilst being the fastest hosting network (up to 115% faster than competing platforms). Lendefi is now leveraging Cloudflare’s security and CDN, which supports the latest web standards including HTTP/3, QUIC and image compression out of the box.
  • A new development of our user interface has been initiated from a PancakeSwap fork. This lets us accelerate development on tested code and create Lendefi specific features. Our approach retains the original git history, while allowing us to cherry-pick applicable fixes from PancakeSwap at a later date.
  • Continuous integration and deployment is being rolled out for the websites, infrastructure, UI and contracts. This allows Lendefi to make changes and releases on-demand, without stability issues for the protocol and applications.
  • We have a new Golang API, which will form the future basis of Lendefi’s backend. Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. The API code is now public on Github.
Blockchain Labs Asia is currently working on a new UI for the protocol while simultaneously developing the protocol’s backend. To facilitate community input, Lendefi will continue to share appropriate aspects of this ongoing work as we move towards main-net launch.
We know our community is as excited as we are about the rapid progress we have made. We look forward to sharing more with you next week! Future updates will be made available to the community via a Github repository and through our social media channels.
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